There  are increasing demands on the sustainability of buildings. By implementing the BREEAM system, is a good assessment framework available which requirements must be met to achieve the BREEAM qualification. When implementing the BREEAM system, many installers encounter the problem that they can complement each other, or even overlap, but the never get matched.

With the implementation of the BREEAM system is perceived that one gets the different subsystems are not seamlessly linked.
This problem occurs especially if they would like to bring all data in one system that meets the high qualification requirements of BREEAM.

OmniLAN brings you the solution. We have developed a system, simply called DAMES (Data / Automation / Monitoring / Energy Logging / System) which we can connect to the already chosen systems (eg, KNX / EIB, LonMark, BACnet, etc) seamlessly.

Our company is specialized in developing, supplying and advising a wide range of products and services for the complete integration of all possible building systems into a complete system.

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